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The Art of Giving 

Exquisite Hand Curated Gifts  for Your Unique World

Curated was born out of a need to provide gifts beyond the standard and average to those we valued in our daily lives and to show gratitude for their presence in our lives.  Gifts so often feel mundane and obligatory; we've created a new way for you to give, by giving gifts of meaning.


  Our purpose is to deliver a gift to your recipients that conveys your intent, purpose, and is artfully crafted to be as unique as your relationship with them. 

Current Musings

Inspirations and Process

Water Color Birds

Scientific Sketches

Utilizing the true anatomy to show love

Painting of the Pyramids


There is an authentic nature about using rugged and unrefined items

Art Gallery

Black & White

Aaron Lewis references the brutality of seeing something in real life verses a photograph, a black and white photograph to be precise.  We recently explored the emotion behind the some black and white photography to accurately represent the pure beauty of one client's love of animals.  



One of the more fun explorations and preparations for a 2020 holiday gifting series.  What's more fun than exploring tasty concoctions and ways to vary the standard fare?  Not much!  We were able to procure a variety of customizable spirts, comforts, and flavors to deliver a one-of-a-kind tasting experience for the recipients. 



In Person Collaboration

Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm
Sat & Sun: as requested 


Exhibited Document Flags

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